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Elke Babiuk and her team are here to help you make the most of your real estate investments, whether that means purchasing or selling your home. Our diverse skills and experiences help us to offer our clients the very best service possible, tailored to their specific needs and desires. Whether rural or urban, single-family or attached, heritage or new construction, we'll help you make educated decisions regarding your most important asset: your home.

Our featured Agents are either with CIR Realty or Elke Babiuk's Real Estate partner, Ryan Vollmar of Spark Real Estate

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How We Help Calgary Property Buyers

Real estate in Calgary is a great business. We are honored to be able to work with clients from all walks of life, which means we do business with first-time buyers, people who have been in the game for a while, investors, and everyone in between! Each one of our buyers gets specialized treatment. We meet one-on-one to determine a suitable price range, property types, and area. Since we have so much knowledge of the Calgary property market, we're in a great position to advise on areas you may not even know about, or some more obscure pros and cons of certain property types you haven't thought of. Another perk of working with the Selling Calgary Group is that we have lots of contacts in other fields to recommend. Need a mortgage broker? We know someone! Want an inspector you can trust? Just ask. Our services are free of charge for buyers.

Throughout the buying process, we'll accompany you on viewings, look for pocket listings that may not even be on the market yet, and help you to further define what you're looking for. When you've found the perfect place, we'll draw up contracts, help you arrange for an inspection, communicate with your mortgage broker/provider to make sure the financials are up to par, and recommend a lawyer/notary to help with the transfer of ownership. We won't stop working for you when the sale closes, either! Recommending movers and providing guidance on certain things that may have been overlooked is part of our commitment to buyers.

If you can't wait any longer to get your house hunt on the go, you can search listings now. Feel free, too, to check out our buyer's guide to get more information on the process. It's easy to start working with a great agent right now; just contact us!

Our Promise to Sellers of Calgary, AB Real Estate

The Selling Calgary Group emphasizes a low-pressure approach to ensure that you are in control of the selling process, from start to finish. We handle the marketing, paperwork and negotiations; you handle the excitement of selling your home for top dollar. Of course, the selling process is somewhat different to the buying process.

The first thing we do with our sellers is do a complete analysis of the home, and compare it to recently sold properties in the area. Determining a great price is one of the most important reasons to hire a REALTOR&;reg; we know how to price homes attractively, while still allowing for room for negotiation. It's also our job to let our sellers know what small improvements they can make so that their homes sell faster. We offer staging and great photos, recommendations for cleaners and handymen to make small cosmetic fixes, and many other services.

Marketing your property is one of our biggest strengths. Because we're part of CIR Realty, we have exclusive access to Q-Net, the fastest-growing nationwide referral network. This means that we can target eager buyers not only from Calgary, but all over the country. We make a pledge to each of our sellers to ensure that their best interests are always at heart. Our marketing plan includes the newest advances in internet and print technologies, meaning that your property will be advertised to the widest audience possible. We will negotiate on your behalf to get the best offers on your home, and we'll go the extra mile that a great closing often requires.

Want to get started now? Take a look at our information for sellers and use our home evaluation to get a free assessment of where you stand. When you're ready, we'd love to hear how we can help, so please get in touch!